Before using our API, please read this page.


We study the e-commerce and the logistic industry everyday in order to optimize the shipping process and making it easier for our clients.

Transiteo API is the easiest way to integrate our solutions into your system.

The transiteo API allows developers to build applications that interface with the transiteo platform. The API can be used to automate many tasks including :

  • Find product HSCode with our A.I

  • Calculate duties & taxes for import and export

  • Generate custom documents

  • ...

Access token

First, you need to create an account on transiteo SaaS : Then in order to use the API, you need an ID token, here is the way to get them :

Note that you can't use the API if you have a "Trial" or "Starter" plan.


The endpoints are located at:

We can develop customized API for you. Just contact us via live chat or at [email protected]


The pricing depends on your consumption volume of our services. You can see our prices on our Pricing page at

POSTMAN Collection

You can download the POSTMAN API Collection.